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Meet MARCEAU’s reliability in your MONTEPAL® pallet lift


Relying on over 60 years of experience in handling, MARCEAU Company is known and famous for its expertise in the design and manufacture of its solutions, as well as in customers support .

From the definition study to the commissioning on your site, mastering 100 % of links of the chain allows MARCEAU to meet your needs precisely.



Study of your needs and constraints by our technical sales representatives team.

Design by our mechanical and electrical departments.

Manufacture in our workshop.

Tests before delivery.

Installation and commissioning by our technicians.

Training of your operators and maintenance technicians.


After-sales service.


By listening to your needs, confines and concerns, MARCEAU facilitates the integration of the MONTEPAL® pallet lift in your existing structure :

  • No civil engineering (no pit in the ground) to set up the MONTEPAL® pallet lift thanks to its self-supporting chassis.
  • No periodic check to be planned on your MONTEPAL® pallet lift
  • Your company is your showcase? Your esthetical needs will be taken into account in the design of your MONTEPAL® pallet lift.


Combined to MARCEAU’s knowledge and know-how, the choice of robust materials and components is the guarantee of a simple, reliable and perennial facility.

They already use the MONTEPAL® pallet lift